Stellar (XLM) casinos Ranked & Reviewed

Online gambling has always been an attractive and convenient way to bet on the go, and now, given the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies over the past few years, many crypto casinos have appeared.
Playing on given sites, users get all the same as in a regular virtual casino, the only difference is that the crypto platform provides additional protection for the user‘s identity and does not request information about the bank account. Using Stellar (XLM) tokens, these casinos do not need access to personal banking information, protecting users from malicious attacks and providing an additional level of security.
However, there are many different crypto sites on the gambling market today. It may not be so easy for beginners to find the safest and best options, which, among other things, also bring pleasure. Therefore, in this article we have collected the best Stellar (XLM) casinos with fast payouts for you, so that you do not have to look for yourself, and you can immediately start playing.

Top Stellar Casino Sites Ranked for XLM Games
     Casino   Rating   Bonus   Website
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Stellar (XLM) Casinos: Pros and Cons

The best Stellar (XLM) platforms provide amazing features and advantages over traditional fiat websites that allow gamblers to enjoy playing slots in the most exciting way. There are many reasons why players choose crypto sites, such as Stellar (XLM) platforms.

The advantages of playing in the Stellar casinos are as following:

Decentralized status
Decentralized status in Stellar (XLM)
Cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM) are completely decentralized, which means that crypto transactions are never registered and have no connection with the government. This gives casino users absolute control over their crypto funds.
Fast payments
Fast payments Stellar (XLM)
Stellar (XLM) payments accepted by casinos from our top-list eliminate unnecessary interference by third-party agents such as banks, making payments hassle-free and allowing players to enjoy quick withdrawals.
Anonymity in Stellar
It is worth noting that Stellar (XLM) tokens used in casinos from our list are pseudonymous, and all those transactions are decentralized. These factors allow gamblers to remain anonymous when playing on such crypto platforms.
Low commission fees
Low commission fees in XLM
Normally, banking transactions using fiat money often require high fees on virtual gambling sites. Depositing and withdrawing (XLM) tokens require lower fees in the blockchain, which means that cryptocurrency users can keep more of their winnings.
Reliability in XLM
Normally, banking transactions using fiat money often require high fees on virtual gambling sites. Depositing and withdrawing (XLM) tokens require lower fees in the blockchain, which means that cryptocurrency users can keep more of their winnings.


There are a few drawbacks of casino playing with (XLM) tokens:

High volatility
high volatility of XLM cryptocurrency
Although we put anonymity among the pros of casinos, it can also be in the cons. The biggest disadvantage of anonymity is that some people can use it as money laundering and no one will be able to find out how legitimate the money is.
Cancellations are not possible
Can‘t cancel payment
This is another drawback of playing with (XLM) tokens in virtual casinos. Once the (XLM) payment is confirmed and funds are transferred from the crypto wallet, there is no way to cancel the process or refund the transaction, as it could be done with bank transfers or credit cards.

How Do We Choose Stellar (XLM) Casinos - Basic Criteria

To make the game in the Stellar (XLM) casino as comfortable as possible, you need to choose reliable sites. When we compiled the rating of the top platforms, we paid attention to the following criteria:

  • Game library.
    • The more entertainment there is in the Stellar (XLM) casino, the more interesting it will be for visitors here. So, the best crypto platforms offer slots from well-known vendors, and in our list you will find (XLM) sites with a wide variety of slot collections.
  • Bonuses.
    • With the help of such incentives, users of crypto websites can increase their bankroll and make more bets. However, you need to pay attention to the wager. If it is more than 50, it will be extremely difficult to win back the gift. You will see quite profitable bonus programs at the Stellar (XLM) platforms from our list.
  • The withdrawal speed.
    • This is a very important criterion, especially for high rollers. In our list, you will discover casinos where the withdrawal rate of crypto winnings is one of the highest in modern virtual gambling.
  • Interface and design.
    • This is another important criterion. The gambling platform should be attractive and user-friendly. It should have a clear and non-distracting interface.
  • Support team.
    • It is better to choose the Stellar (XLM) casino where operators work around the clock and consult in several languages, then it will be possible to solve problems quickly. Take a look at our list, here you will find exactly such platforms.
  • Promos.
    • Tournaments, sweepstakes, and a loyalty program help you get more bonuses and replenish your deposit less often. All top (XLM) casinos provide customers with generous programs with gifts.

All these details are important when choosing the best Stellar casino. They make the game more productive and enjoyable. It is important to take into account all these points, then you will be able to play games with maximum comfort.

Best casinos accepting Stellar (XLM) deposits

Our expert team spent hours monitoring the best Stellar (XLM) sites. As a result, we came to the conclusion that top portals exist and playing on them can become a wonderful gambling experience for any modern user.

You can find a selection of top sites in the list below. All these casinos are really the best, according to

CLOUDBET Most Popular

Bonus 100% / wager 40x


Bonus 100% + 30FS


Game Library

You will find cool video games and slots on the websites of the best XLM casinos. The most most popular titles are:

Virtual Poker

This is a profitable and exciting Stellar (XLM) casino game, the gameplay of which even a novice gambler can understand very quickly.

There are many Poker versions you can find on the best Stellar (XLM) sites today. Texas Hold‘em is the top-rated competition without a doubt. This is a classic card online fun, where each player begins a round with two closed Poker cards, which is one of the basic principles of Holdem. The Poker game comes with four rounds of trading, during which 5 open common cards are given, creating a "board", and wagers are placed.

Online Roulette

This is a very popular XLM game, very attractive for users who prefer simple and catchy rounds. Online Roulette is really fascinating, this type of gambling has become the most famous and popular in the internet XLM casinos.

The most popular Roulette types for now are:

  • Roulette HD;
  • European Roulette;
  • French game;
  • American type.

Live Dealer competitions

These exciting games combine the benefits of virtual platforms and offline gaming houses. Although most of the competitions offered at live casinos are traditional table games, they differ from the software and slots installed on common gambling websites. The process here is based on the moves of a real croupier — a dealer in a ground studio. The gambling outcome depends on the real dealer and your luck, whereas in slots everything is decided by a random number generator.


In case you like lotteries, there is an opportunity to play a great game called online Keno! Turning to history, you will find out that this fun competition came from China many centuries ago.

The Internet Keno game is based on random dropouts. The general aim here is to collect balls with numbers and learn the result. All final outcomes should be presented in a virtual ticket on the XLM casinos screen.


The slot is delivered without complicated rules, mathematical miscalculations and an extended process. Plinko is an interesting and exciting way to communicate with other gamblers. This is an online fun that has been used by companies around the world for several decades to create a fun and interactive atmosphere.

In online Plinko, you will throw small tokens through a row of pegs. Depending on where the token lands, the player receives a prize. It is impossible to lose in the Plinko round, as every drop of the ball brings you a certain coefficient. So come on and try your luck at a certified slot machine on the Stellar (XLM) licensed website.


Blackjack is a casino competition in which participants need to collect cards in such a way that the sum of points is close to 21, but does not exceed this number. To win, users must have a better hand of cards than the dealer. Despite the fact that it all sounds simple, Blackjack is an exciting competition. Strategy, luck, and the risks have made this game one of the most common gambling competitions in the Stellar (XLM) casinos.


This is a common dice competition in which participants place wagers on the outcome of a roll of a dice, a series of such rolls, or throws of several dice. The round is divided into 2 stages. In the first stage, the gambler rolls the dice. And if the sum is 7 or 11, then the player automatically wins. And if 2, 3 or 12 drops out, then the gambler loses. The same combination is called Craps.

Craps is a popular Stellar (XLM) casino game. Since it does not require special equipment, it is easy to reproduce it in an informal setting. Online gamblers can place bets one against one, or against the casino.

Are the Stellar (XLM) Casinos legal?

Stellar (XLM) online casinos from our rating were created by a team of professional software makers who truly understood the great potential of integrating XLM currency into the advanced casino platform. On these websites, gamblers will discover a variety of slots, as well as fantastic promotions, and so players have fun and (if they are lucky) earn big winnings on Stellar platforms.

These online casinos are licensed and regulated by famous gambling jurisdictions. All customer information is encrypted and protected using next-generation SSL encryption, including personal data and financial history.

Moreover, all of these Stellar platforms apply anti-fraud and identity theft measures to ensure a safe casino environment with quick deposits, withdrawals and verification processes.

Questions and answers

The only difference between the Stellar (XLM) casinos and traditional online platforms is that here you can play a wide range of different games using digital currency. Over the past few months, the popularity of gambling websites accepting Stellar (XLM) deposits has increased significantly due to the many advantages over traditional fiat casinos, as it has been proven that this is the best alternative compared to internet casinos worldwide.
Local laws regarding virtual crypto casinos can be complicated as they differ from country to country. However, all Stellar (XLM) platforms from our list have licenses from well-known jurisdictions. This means that such casinos are legal and safe.
Any crypto casino game lies within the framework of probability theory and combinations, and the rules of the slot are such that the mathematical expectation of the game is always negative, that is, your winnings at a distance will be negative, even with a multiplier of x2 and a 50% chance of winning, the mathematical expectation is zero. That is why all your winnings are purely an episodic event, not a systematic one.
Players can withdraw their winnings much faster from the Stellar casinos, as digital services work much more productively than traditional fiat ones.