Casinos Accepting Polkadot (DOT) Payment Method

Many gamblers are trying to play for virtual currency. To start this interesting process you need to find a good casino with the ability to quickly withdraw winnings. We have compiled a list of the most relevant establishments for you today. You will be able to choose for yourself and try the game for conditional chips or on crypto. In all of these establishments you can bet on Polkadot in all available games. It is recommended to try several places, and then choose a site with the most successful interface and functionality. So, let‘s present a list of the best establishments.

Top Polkadot Casinos Ranked for DOT Games
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Pros and cons of Polkadot (DOT) casino


  • The presence of games with proven honesty.
  • The ability to quickly withdraw DOT to the wallet.
  • A large selection of games to play on Polkadot.
  • Registration in a few minutes.
  • A good opportunity to have fun and earn money.
  • The game is played using the current currency.


  • Low cost of 1 DOT for today.
  • Not all casinos have the opportunity to play on Polkadot.

How do we rate Polkadot (DOT) casino sites

It is not so easy to choose the best site from the variety on the Internet. It is necessary to rely on a whole list of criteria, giving an accurate and balanced assessment. Let‘s try to further consider the main criteria that help us make a correct list of crypto gambling sites where it is best to play on Polkadot. It should be noted that there is no universal formula and everyone chooses the portal that he likes personally. Next, we will try to explain what you should pay attention to when choosing a casino where you want to play on DOT today.

Polkadot (DOT) casino Bonuses

Bonuses are of great importance, because immediately after registration you can get additional Polkadot, this will help to increase your bank. Let‘s give an example. You invested 5 DOT after registration and noted that you want to spend the bonus on slots. An additional 5 DOTS will be credited to the additional account, which must be wagered with a multiplier of x30 or higher. If the conditions are met, the money will be credited to your main account, that is, there will be at least 10 DOT. Some players manage to take advantage of their bonus and win even more. You can also get free spins, which can be used on the agreed slot machines.

Large selection of slots
Casino games

Some people like the latest slots with a large number of paylines or attract colorful draws in bonus games. Other customers like classic slots, where there are such symbols: cherry, lemon, 7, watermelon, bar, asterisk, plum. If you get 2 stars or more on the screen, you can go to the bonus game. You need to remember that the asterisk may not be on the payline, it still works. Preference should be given to those casinos where there is a large selection of various slot machines so that you can choose the most interesting and profitable one. It is also worth paying attention to the RTP parameter, which determines the percentage of return to the player.

Reputation and reviews
Good reputation and reviews

The first thing to pay attention to is the reputation of the casino. You can read reviews on thematic forums or in comments on social networks. You should definitely find other visitors to find out from them how things are with registration and payment in this organization. If you saw an advertisement on TV or on the Internet, then most likely the company has enough funds. Some customers choose establishments with a small number of participants, because in this case you can count on a quick response from the administration and increased attention to your person. Everyone makes a choice at their discretion. You can use the list that is offered to you on this page.

High data anonymity

For many clients, it is important that other participants cannot recognize them by their first and last names. The way out is very simple: you can come up with an alias and play secretly. When registering, you will have to specify your real data, since they will be used to make payments and transfers within the system. It is believed that it is safe to play for crypto, especially if there is a possibility of anonymous site visits. That‘s why many gamblers switch to cryptocurrencies and continue their careers there. All the organizations we offer offer you to play anonymously at any time.

Crypto support
Support for various cryptocurrencies

If you have Polkadot available, then you need to find a website where you can use these coins for the game. To date, this task is solved very simply. The main thing is to choose among crypto casinos. On the main site, you need to get acquainted with the full list of available currencies and find DOT there. The plus is that, if desired, you can make a profit in another crypto. In addition, on such sites you can engage in mining and receive coins for various promotions. There is an affiliate program. You can invite a friend or place an advertisement, and in this case you will receive additional coins.

Availability of the Live section
Section with live dealer games

Games against a slot machine or against RNG are interesting, then they can get boring. In this case, it‘s good to try the game against a real stickman. It‘s very easy to get started: you need to select the "Live Games" section on the website and go there. A large list of nominations will be presented, but it‘s worth starting with the simplest. For example, you can try the "Wheel of Fortune", you just need to spin the wheel and see what prize you will get. The dealer controls the wheel. The process is very similar to a lotto game, where certain sectors or numbers fall out. There are other live games, they will be described in more detail in this article below.

Quick withdrawals to the wallet
Quick withdrawal of money to a crypto wallet

It is very important for customers to know that their funds will be immediately withdrawn to the wallet in case of a win. The fact is that long conclusions spoil the impression of the resource and can lower the rating of the institution. People come to such places to have fun, but some want to earn a little, and so that there are no problems with money transfers. When people play crypto, they rely primarily on the fact that their income will quickly flow to the wallet. The crypto was invented specifically for urgent payments. In most cases, you can get your Polkadot without delay. It should be noted that the currency has a very convenient denomination. Now 1 DOT can be sold for about $6.

Cryptocurrency security in the casino

Security is a very important criterion, because the player‘s money must remain safe, even if it is crypto. Everyone knows that crypto is well protected, but scammers can still harm the player if you do not take precautions. For example, you can use dual identification, as well as make payments through secure systems, for example, use Ripple. This is very convenient for paying with Polkadot. It is not necessary to disclose personal data to outsiders. If you are approached by strangers, contact the online chat with your problem.

Top Rated Polkadot (DOT) gambling sites

There are casinos that have become leaders in the number of visitors and in the total amount of payments. Customers tend to get to the institution where you can really win and withdraw money to your wallet without delay. Such companies actually exist. In all these establishments, the game is played for crypto, Polkadot is present in the list of available currencies. You can exchange DOT at the current exchange rate. Then you can get acquainted with the list of the most promising places. This list was compiled by experts of the portal .


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How to choose Polkadot (DOT) casino?

You can choose a casino according to different criteria, but the most important thing is that the player likes the site. If it seems to you that the functionality of the portal is insufficient or the design seems unsatisfactory, then you need to try another gaming club. It is good that now there is a good selection of establishments where you can choose Polkadot as a currency. As a rule, 5-10 DOT is enough to make the first deposit and get a welcome bonus. It is worth focusing on the opinion of professionals. You can hear tips from amateurs and experts about which casino gives the best conditions. But in any case, you need to try to play on crypto yourself. If you have any problems, you need to contact the technical support of the site. Usually this institution works around the clock.

Games at Polkadot (DOT) casino

Poker Live
Poker game at polkadot casino
Some people like live poker, while others choose the Joker Poker machine and try their hand against the machine. It‘s interesting to play against the dealer. The dealer is under the camera, and you can follow his actions, noticing mistakes. This often leads to a win. But it is not so easy to beat a professional, even if he uses only one strategy. You need to be careful in poker, this is a psychological game where it is important not only to collect a combination, but also to calculate all the chances correctly and place a bet correctly. The most popular type of poker today is Texas Hold‘em.
European roulette
Different types of roulettes on gaming sites polkadot
There are several types of roulette, but European roulette is distinguished among them. The field may seem very complicated, but in fact everything is simple: you need to put on a number or on a group of numbers. If the ball thrown by the dealer falls on your field, then you have won. You can make complex bets. For example, you can bet on numbers from 1 to 14, or on red, or on even. There are many roulette strategies. You can increase the bet if you lose, or you can use a stable betting system. The main thing is to have confidence that the process is as honest and open as possible. Follow the actions of the dealer and think over your every move to succeed.
Availability of Crash games
This game is suitable for those who like to get good prizes with minimal investment. For example, you can put 1 DOT and wait for the plane to take off high. The multiplier can reach a value of 20 or higher. As a result, you can get 15-20 DOT without much difficulty. If you are not lucky, you can pay attention to how other visitors play. You can try to use their tactics. If the scheme works, then your profit will increase. You can also participate in tournaments that are held on Crash. It‘s very simple, you need to make it to the beginning, usually such competitions begin on Wednesday at 12:00. Play well and get the first prize.
BlackJack Polkadot casino game
Blackjack is the leader among Live games, as the rules are extremely simple. You need to collect a combination older than the dealer‘s. At the same time, it is important not to score more than 21, as it will be too much. If you count the cards, you can achieve considerable success in BJ. Pay attention to the actions of your opponent. It is quite easy to determine his strategy. For example, very often dealers stop taking an additional card when they have 16 points on their hands. You can take a chance and take another card, such tactics can bring good dividends.
Dice at DOT casinos
Dice is very simple game, and everyone will understand the rules in a couple of minutes. You need to select "no more than" and wait for a number less to fall out. The more risk you take, the bigger the prize you can get. For example, you set 1 DOT and chose "no more than 62"; "15" fell out, in which case you will get 0.38 DOT. Your total balance will be 1.38 DOT after the first round. If you want to increase the bet, you can try to put "no more than 55" or even "no more than 30". The maximum win in this case will be +0.70 DOT. Everyone is recommended to try this interesting game.

Legality of Polkadot (DOT) casino

It is recommended to visit only licensed casino sites. You can get permits in several countries. The most common option is Curacao, as it is possible to legalize casino activities on Polkadot there. Information about the availability of the document should be on the main page or in the "About us" section. On some sites, you can find the data in the "Terms and Conditions" section. The company must register in Curacao and obtain a legal address, then a license is paid, which is valid for a limited period. Similar documents can be obtained in Malta or in Kanawaka. In Europe, you can get the most prestigious license from the UK. In our list there are casinos only with valid documents, you can see for yourself by clicking on the link to the official website.

Questions and answers

On this page you can find a list of the best establishments.
There is no special need for this, you can use DOT.
Because there is no commission for depositing and withdrawing funds.
Launch the game and go to the Info section.
The main criteria are presented in the article above.
Yes, for example, you can play Keno or Plinko.