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How to buy and sell tokens by lots

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the are completely free. Firstly, if you don't have an account, you should sign up. Then, make a deposit of BTC or ETH. You can find the address of your own Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet in your personal account. Return to the main page and select the suitable lot. Click “Buy” and enter the amount of the selected token. Make sure that the amount and exchange rate are correct. Confirm the transaction and get your tokens. You can withdraw them from the platform by going into your personal wallet.
If you want to sell tokens, first make sure that this token is available for trading. Open your Ethereum wallet with your own address and make a deposit of the token. Return to the main page, select the suitable lot and click “Sell”. Then proceed as in the previous paragraph.

How to create your own lot for trading

Firstly, you should make a deposit of the token. This procedure described in the previous section. Then select the option to create a lot on the main page. You can change the limits of a new lot in accordance with your balance and select an exchange rate. In the next step, confirm your choice. When a lot is placed, the token, which you want to sell, will be displayed in your wallet, but will be limited for withdrawal. Traders can buy your tokens in whole or in part. Traders who place lots on the platform pay fees for each completed trade. The commission for each trade is shown in the lower left section of this page. You can close your lot at any time and withdraw your crypto assets in the personal account.


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