Privacy Policy

The effective date for this Privacy Policy shall be 20.06.2018

 CoinPlace respects and protects the privacy of the users and customers who visit our websites and employ our services. To ensure transparency, this Privacy Policy describes our data processing methods which are applied during the access and user operations in connection with the contents published at or on any other related websites owned and operated by us.

Please make sure you have read our Privacy Policy. Should any specific questions arise in relation to stated herein please do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected], and we will gladly clarify all matters concerned.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

This Privacy Policy includes the information concerning your Personal Data together with the methods of management and protection thereof.

By getting access to and accepting our Privacy Policy you confirm that you grant us your consent with respect to the collection and usage of the information related to you in accordance with the terms set forth below. Should you failed to read, comprehend or agree with any aspect of this Privacy Policy, please discontinue engaging our services.

Types of Data Collected

This Policy distinguishes between Personal Data (i.e the data you have submitted so that we could identify you) and General Data (i.e. the data which is neither identified by you nor could be attributed to you personally).

What Personal Data is collected?

If you chose to employ our services, we shall be collecting and storing certain types of information including some of the Personal Data attributed to you.

In this case the Personal Data shall be defined as:
1. Personal Information: name, surname, date of birth, age, nationality, gender, signature, photograph, phone number, postal and email addresses.
2. Official Data: passport number, driving license number, ID with a photograph and/or visa information.
3. Financial Information: bank account details as submitted by you.
4. Business Information: details of the transactions you perform within our framework, for example, beneficiary name, your name, amount and/or time reference.

Personal Data Processing

We collect the Personal Data which you submit immediately during the registration of your personal account with us. Personal Data Processing is governed by the following principles:
1. We only collect the Personal Data required for the respective purpose. The exact purpose for collecting this type of data is evidenced by the context of the related request.
2. Personal Data shall be processed solely in compliance with the purposes it was collected for unless you expressly consent otherwise.
3. We shall not store your Personal Data for an unlimited period. We shall delete any Personal Information which is no longer necessary for the original purpose.
4. You are entitled to delete any of your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. This may be done by accessing your account which you wish to delete by emailing our support service at [email protected] Upon your request to delete your data you might lose the access to CoinPlace services in the future, since we need certain types of your data to provide them.

Personal Data Dos and Don'ts

We may use your Personal Information for the following:
1. Provision, support and improvement of the functions and functional options of our website and our services.
2. Maintenance of the internal informative (non-marketing) or administrative purposes
3. Providing you with the information about the updates and new services.
4. Billing and other fees.
5. Compliance with our legal and other regulatory obligations prescribed by applicable legislation.

To ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements for the provision of our services CoinPlace may request to disclose the information about you and/or your account to the following entrusted third parties, namely:
1. Our agents, affiliated persons and/or professional consultants.
2. Services suppliers who assist us in processing the data and/or transaction or provide necessary cervices.
3. Law enforcement authorities, regulatory bodies and government agencies upon request.

We do not use your Personal Data for the following:
1. Mailing commercial or marketing advertisements without your prior consent thereto.
2. Sale of your Personal Data to third parties.

Provision of Personal Data

Upon request from CoinPlace you shall provide us with your Personal Information for further processing and application thereof to the purposes of the employment of our services.

Should you choose to deny the provision of the prerequisite information we may decline your request to employ our services.

Personal Data Updates Access

You are entitled to have access to your Personal Data stored with CoinPlace upon request sent to the address [email protected]. To ensure proper data protection we shall verify your persona prior to complying with your request.

Should any piece of the Personal Data change, or you believe the information we have about you to be inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or unreliable, you shall notify us thereof by sending a letter to [email protected]

We reserve the right to allow requests for data correction in our sole discretion, and we may request any evidence to support any new piece of information to avoid fraudulent actions and discrepancies.

Personal Data Security Measures

We take all appropriate and reasonable technical and managerial measures to prevent loss, damage or unauthorized deleting of Personal Data, illegal access to such data or processing thereof. We have systems of customer data management designed to minimize the impact such unauthorized actions.

We will take all reasonable steps to detect all predictable internal and external risks related to your Personal Data under our control, or we control, create and support corresponding warranties against such detected risks.

We shall inform you on any case of suspected compromised security concerning your Personal Data. In such event we shall notify you on the consequences of such breach and report to the authorities within 72 hours from the moment of said breach.

We Work Worldwide

The Personal Information that we collect might be transferred, stored and processed outside the jurisdiction of your domicile. The legislation of these countries might differ from the applicable laws of your state. The data collected in the European Economic Area (EEA) might be transferred, stored and processed in the destination point(s) outside the jurisdiction of EEA.

You CoinPoint account is stored on the secured server maintained and serviced by third party services suppliers. When storing the accounts, we rely on the conditions of information storage set out by the information storage suppliers.

General Data

Apart from Personal Data we also collect and store General Data with cannot be used to identify a customer. The types of the data we collect include identified data on the use patterns of our websites. This data proves to be useful as it enables us to enhance our customer interface.

When you get access to and use our services, we automatically collect the information about your activities, including:
1. Information about the journal: we register the data related to the usage of our services, including browser type, time of access, pages viewed, your IP address and the page you visited before accessing our services.
2. Information about the device. We collect the date about the device that you are using to access our services, including information about software and firmware, MAC medium access control and other unique device identifiers: token of the device, cell network information and time zone.
3. Consumption data: We accumulate the data concerning your consumption from time to time related to the employment of our services including shopping with virtual and real currencies.
4. Data from cookies and other tracking technologies. We use different technologies to collect the data, and that may include sending cookie files to your computer or mobile device.

Cookie Policy

Cookie web file contains some data sent from the website and stored on your computer through a browser during the page view. We use cookies for our pages to make your experience with our website more convenient. The type of data stored in our web cookies refers to General Data, e.g. website behavior.

If you wish to disable cookies, please adjust your browser to decline sending web cookie. However, this decline may lead to some of our services not being able to function to the fullest extent.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be reviewed from time to time, therefore we may update it on a continuous basis applying the best global practices, but we will always notify our customers by email on such updates and reviews.

Thank you for reading this!