First P2P platform

The number of ICOs is rising exponentially with each passing year. ICO projects quadrupled in 2017 in what is seen as just the beginning of much more vibrant growth. The goal CoinPlace is to capture a large part of the market for ICO token sales.

Holders of CPL tokens will be offered exclusive terms for the purchase of ICO tokens listed on the CoinPlace platform through ICO projects. Also they will be able to buy ICO tokens not just with crypto assets (as is common practice now) but also with different kinds of fiat payment instruments.

CoinPlace will become the first P2P service that allows users to receive ICO tokens in exchange for fiat currencies in a matter of minutes. Thus CoinPlace will become a magnet for ICO project initiators.

Competitive advantages of the platform

P2P services that let users exchange fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies already exist on the market. Most of these services—such as LocalBitcoins, LocalEthereum, LocalMonero, and Paxful — do not support the exchange of fiat currencies into even two cryptocurrencies. CoinPlac will allow the listing of any tokens on the platform, enabling customers to acquire all sorts of tokens easily with the help of a user-friendly interface. Also there are no limitations on national currencies. We are ready to accept any currency provided the national legislation of its country does not prohibit operations with cryptocurrencies. However, demand in a country depends on whether there are sellers in it.

CoinPlace platform maintain a several payment services:
● Bank wire 
● Credit cards 
● Western Union 
● MoneyGram 
● WeChat 
● Perfect Money 
● Qiwi, Webmoney, etc.