Buying SOFIN using Payment systems: advcash Western Union

Step 1  

Open deal

Step 2  


Step 3  

Receiving funds

Step 4  

Receiving cryptocurrency

Read the terms and enter the amount of the transaction

Order Conditions

Before the transfer, please read the terms of service.

1. Specify the required number of the selected crypto or the amount in currency that you have allocated for the transaction.
2. Submit a request for a deal.
3. The seller will send you the requisites to which you need to make a transfer.
4. Make a transfer of funds. Then click on the button I sent my funds.
5. Please feel free to contact with a seller in the chat.

Order Info

  • Price: 0.31 GBP for 1 SOFIN
  • User: yurqali
  • Pay method: Payment systems
  • Trade limits: 31 - 620 GBP
  • Reserved: 0 Sofin