Trading Token Introduction

Initial exchange offering

Cryptoxygen  (OXY2)   IEO ends at 
Cryptoxygen is a digital cryptocurrency platform giving an easy access to crypto-investors through our exclusive partnership with Thomson Computing, historical French brand since more than 120 years!


The Abyss  (ABYSS)
Next-generation digital distribution platform
Aeternity  (AE)
Decentralized apps
Aion  (AION)
High performance blockchain
CarTaxi  (CTX)
Car towing
DigixDAO  (DGD)
Tokenisation and documentation of physical assets
Aelf  (ELF)
Decentralized computer
Golem  (GNT)
Rent other people's computers
IOS Token  (IOST)
Internet of Services
Internet of Services
Mainframe  (MFT)
Decentralized network
Maker  (MKR)
Smart contract platform
Populous  (PPT)
Invoice trading futures
RChain  (RHOC)
Blockchain and Smart contracts
Sofin  (SOFIN)
International fiat platform for P2P loans
CoinMarketAlert  (CMA)
Cryptocurrency price alert & notification service
CryptoAds  (CRAD)
Decentralized marketing and advertising platform
Etheera  (ETA)
Decentralized global real estate platform
GIG9  (GIG9)
Platform for local freelance services
Stable coin
0x  (ZRX)
Standard for decentralized exchange
Bibox Token  (BIX)
Bibox exchange token
Binance Coin  (BNB)
Binance exchange token
HuobiToken  (HT)
Huobi exchange token
Coinplace token  (CPL)
CoinPlace exchange token
Reputation (Augur)  (REP)
Decentralized prediction market
Status  (SNT)
Decentralized application browser (Monaco)  (MCO)
Crypto cards
Loopring  (LRC)
Decentralized exchange
QuarkChain  (QKC)
Blockchain architecture
Transcodium  (TNS)
Decentralized multimedia platform
Zilliqa  (ZIL)
High Throughput Blockchain Platform
Roomdao  (RDC)
Innovate lowcost travel platform
Gifto  (GTO)
Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol
Platform for decentralized education
BasicAttention Token  (BAT)
Decentralized ad network
Enjin Coin  (ENJ)
Customizable cryptocurrency and virtual goods platform for gaming
Loom Network  (LOOM)
Online game & social apps
FunFair  (FUN)
Decentralised gaming platform
Bancor  (BNT)
Token Index Funds
Civic  (CVC)
Decentralized identity ecosystem
Dent  (DENT)
Decentralized exchange for mobile data
Enigma  (ENG)
Decentralized data marketplace
Genesis Vision  (GVT)
Private trust fund management
Holo  (HOT)
Decentralized hosting ecosystem
Kyber Network  (KNC)
On-chain liquidity protocol
Chainlink  (LINK)
Blockchain-base middleware
Decentraland  (MANA)
Virtual reality platform
Pundi X  (NPXS)
Payment platform
Polymath  (POLY)
Interface between financial securities and the blockchain
Power Ledger  (POWR)
Decentralized energy exchange platform
Raiden  (RDN)
Off-chain scaling payment solution
Membership based lending and borrowing network
Storj  (STORJ)
Decentralized cloud storage platform
Storm  (STORM)
Micro-tasks platform
Substratum  (SUB)
Decentralized CDN
Waltonchain  (WTC)
Wisdom alters label, trade organization and network
CROWD token  (CROWD)
The single-use utility token of the Crowdvilla project
Crowdvilla  (CRV)
CRV token is a type of ownership token for the properties under the Crowdvilla portfolio
Cyphr  (CYFX)
Stable coin with a strong and devoted community of supporters
HEdpAY  (Hdp.ф)
The future banking solution
IZIChain  (IZI)
The global blockchain platform for capital connection
Mileage of Genesis A  (MOGA)
Using all the mileage and coupons that are scattered all over the world
Octanox  (OTX)
Multifunctional platform which includes a payment system, E-commerce and decentralized news
Swiss Alps  (SAM)
Environmentally friendly mining
Swachh  (SCX)
The waste management
Custom Deal  (CDL)
Services for travel
Arbidex  (ABX)
Single platform interface on different exchanges
Paxos Standard  (PAX)
Stable coin
USD Coin  (USDC)
Stable coin
Utility token for wagering, matchmaking and tournaments in online gaming.